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Inhale Creativity, Exhale Brillance 

Inaugurated in 2002, Imad Ghreiwati Events is a bespoke creative event agency based in Dubai. Our expertise primarily lies in organizing unforgettable events ranging from business meetings to intimate get-togethers. 

For our founder and CEO, Imad Ghreiwati, planning an event was exhilarating. Since his youth, Imad Ghreiwati was always hooked on designing concepts and building stages. But, beyond that, he loved seeing people happy. To him, all the sweat pays off when he sees bright smiles around. So, it’s no surprise that once he got older, he began his venture to make people happy daily. 

At Imad Ghreiwati Events, we are a creative bunch who continually push to reach new heights. Whether it’s incorporating new tech or rebuilding an entire set, we strive for perfection. Our passion and dedication to excellence have led us to become the fastest-growing event organizer in Dubai. Today, we have grown exponentially and built offices across the UAE. 

Despite our success, we always treat every project like it’s our first. Because for us, every project is our chance to be a part of a beautiful memory in someone’s life.



Event Management 

imad ghreiwati Events offers you the ultimate event management package. From choosing the perfect venue to prepping the entire event, we have mapped all necessities and more. With us, you are free to enjoy and have a blast! 

  • Venue Selection: Choosing the right venue is crucial for an event’s success. Factors like capacity, number of guests, and availability must be confirmed before selecting the place. At imad ghreiwati Events, we are well-versed in all the iconic spots and hidden gems of Dubai. From picturesque gardens for weddings to luxurious balls for meetings, we know it all! 
  • Theme and Design: An unforgettable event mandates excellent design. At imad ghreiwati Events, our in-house graphic designers can design everything from your dream. Whether it’s designing interactive social media posts or stunning 3D graphics, we do it all! 
  • Rentals: At imad ghreiwati Events, we offer a variety of rental solutions for every event. Our rental includes furniture, tents, lighting, and AV. We surely have it all! 

Corporate Events 

Corporate events are an excellent way to instill unity within the team. Moreover, as Dubai grows to become the ultimate hub of business, companies are actively looking at ways to elevate themselves to international standards. At imad ghreiwati Events, we strive to deliver projects that reflect a company’s core values and vision. As industry experts, we specialize in the planning, conceptualization, and execution of all corporate events. Our areas of expertise are: 

  • Gala Dinner
  • Inauguration
  • Conference
  • Award Ceremony
  • Product Launch
  • Corporate Family Days 
  • Team Building Exercise 
  • Cultural Event
  • Exhibition 

Audio Visual & Fabrication 

Setting the right atmosphere is fundamental for the success of every event. As industry experts, we understand how to create the right ambiance with the right equipment. Create memorable events with us, today! Our services include: 

  • AV & Lighting: Audiovisual and lighting are crucial for a successful event. At imad ghreiwati Events, we incorporate the best LED screens, projectors, sound systems, and lighting to create an unforgettable event. Our technical team will surely leave your guest in awe.  
  • Printing & Branding: Engaging visuals is key for any corporate event. Designing exciting marketing materials ensures your brand is remembered and valued among customers. With our in-house graphic designers, we can conceptualize, create, and print designs that are true to your business. 
  • Fabrication: In simple words, fabrication is a magical blend of light and fabric that leaves every guest astonished. With over ten years of experience, we understand the balance of each element and play it to your advantage. 


Without any doubt, a wedding is one of the greatest moments in someone’s life. A beautiful day where souls unite and unforgettable memories are made. At imad ghreiwati Events, we are truly honored when we are chosen for wedding planning. For us, it’s a chance to become a part of something special and we treat it with precise care. Our wedding services include: 

  • Wedding planning 
  • Stage Decoration 
  • Flower Arrangement 
  • AV & Lighting 
  • Photography & Videography 


“I have been a marketing manager for over six years, and I am certain that imad ghreiwati Events is the best in business. They are extremely professional, and corporative, and dare to go the extra mile to satisfy clients. Love them and highly recommend them!”

Alden. M

“We had a wonderful experience with imad ghreiwati Events. Our company had a corporate event last week with over 500 guests. imad ghreiwati Events did an excellent job at conceptualizing, designing, and implementing the work! Everything was of high quality and in a timely manner as well. Great work, I will definitely contact them in the future.”


“We had a stress-free time thanks to imad ghreiwati Events. They handled everything from planning and building to dismantling. It was a seamless experience and I hugely thank imad ghreiwati Events for letting us enjoy the event!”


“I am extremely happy with their services. I recently contacted them for a private gathering, and I was pleased with their execution. They tailored all services to my requirements, and they delivered them on time. I highly recommend Imad Ghreiwati Events to everyone!”